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Cody W. Haefele
Attorney at Law
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    Cody W. Haefele comes from a multi-generational Texas family and now calls New Braunfels home. Cody grew up in North Dallas where he attended The University of Texas at Dallas and earned a degree in Crime and Justice Studies.

    Cody moved to Chicago for law school and then practiced inside the Loop for over a decade. During that time he developed keen litigation routines, impeccable courtroom tactics, and rock solid client relationships.

    Though he was happily thriving in the fast-paced legal world of Chicago, Cody’s decision to come back to Texas was an easy one. Working at a firm like Little & McCool, where high-quality work and genuine rapport with clients create a valuable, unique combination has always been a long-term goal for Cody.

    Away from the office, Cody is a self-described foodie who enjoys books about history and western-style films. He has always been a great lover of animals, especially Man’s Best Friend. 

    Cody takes great pride in his ability to connect with clients, and in maintaining their trust from the moment it is earned. His number one priority will always be of a professional level of honesty with his clients, and he is always happy to speak with you. 

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